New Social Media Design Trend Alert – March 2020 Edition

New social media graphic trend:

#1: Clipping path cutouts for maximum bold impact

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 10.00.54 AM copy
Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 4.21.35 PM copy

A trend in social graphics we’ve been seeing lately is a cutout of person or item with text set near, over, or behind, with other branded elements or colors. Why these are impactful is because the emphasis placed on the photo and it lends a layering effect that is difficult to achieve on screen.

The elements that make this work:

  • Good clear photo with differentiation from background
  • 2 strong fonts
  • Short, direct message
  • Brand colors
  • Additional effect – border, fade to transparency, colorized photo, icons, pattern


#2: Cutout GIFs with changing color background

As more and more of the content we consume moves from digital still images, to short videos, to even shorter videos, animated gifs are becoming increasingly more powerful for digital marketing strategies. In fact, with over 80% of all mobile media comsumption being video in 2018 and the average attendtion span of a person hovering at 7 seconds, fully embracing short format video has become more important than ever (Digital Transformations 2019 video).

One technique I love is the changing of colors of a certain element of the graphic; it’s quick and simple to do and really grabs attention in your audience’s scroll.

Here’s a great example:


Let’s take both of these trends to make one effective social media graphic that stands out.

Photoshop Tutorial:

And here’s the finished piece! also has a new feature that helps you easily remove backgrounds in just a few clicks. What do you think – Does this make sense for your business type? Are you going to try this new trend?