1-on-1 Design Skills Course for Businesses and Solopreneurs

Transform the marketing capabilities and day-to-day operations of your business within weeks by adding in-house design skills that give you the ability to better manage and control your marketing, resulting in less stress, money saved, and a better visual brand.


A Customized Curriculum Built on a Foundation of Design Principles

Begin with an assessment of your brand’s current aesthetic and what type of design is needed for your specific business. Create a mood board, learn to quickly and thoroughly research ideas and competitors, and uncover tips for finding inspiration and creativity.

Next learn the basic principles of design, gain an understanding of typography and how to to select the best fonts for your projects (and where to find them), color theory, and how to strike a balanced composition.


Learn to Use Software and Tools That Open Up Possibilities

Learn how to use the Adobe tools and techniques that you need to know – and not what you don’t – through a customized curriculum focused on your goals and design processes that save time. You’ll walk away with valuable design templates that you can use immediately.


Speak Confidently about Marketing and Design with Vendors & Colleagues

Feel confident taking your projects from idea to finished project and working with vendors and other businesses by feeling comfortable with an understanding of industry terms and jargon.


Join a Community of Others Committed to Learning, Discovery, Growth & Sharing

Gain access to the Glambeau Design School Facebook group where you can request feedback on projects, share your work and ideas, learn new tips and techniques, meet new friends and mentors, hear about upcoming events and happenings, and connect with your course instructor and the community of other designers.


What will my business look like after this course?

Time and Money Saved

  • Manage smaller design projects in-house and outsource only when needed
  • Take action on your good ideas and seize opportunity to stay ahead of your competition
  • Add value to your business and employees with the tools and skills needed to create professional marketing pieces


Improved Workflow and Less Stress

  • Fulfill your need to create graphics internally, without hiring dedicated design staff
  • Keep day-to-day marketing operations nimble and running smoothly without encountering road blocks
  • Transform your business operations by adding valuable design capabilities


A Better Visual Brand

  • Create professional-looking designs that deliver results
  • Attract and keep customers by staying true to your visual brand
  • Make updates quickly and communicate important messages without hesitation

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